ProHydrate External Hydrating Gel

Instant relief from vaginal dryness
Vaginal dryness can occur at any stage of life, and can affect your intimate relationship.
Vagisil ProHydrate Plus External Hydrating Gel relieves and replenishes dry uncomfortable vaginal skin to make intimacy more comfortable.
Leaves intimate skin feeling hydrated, supple and more comfortable.
Contains ProHydrate Complex – a unique blend of moisturisers including Hyaluronic Acid which feels like your own natural moisture.
Progressive use can actually make your intimate skin feel healthier.
Formulated without added estrogens or parabens.
* Relieves and replenishes dry uncomfortable skin
* With ProHydrate Complex
* Feels like your own natural moisture
* No added perfumes, dyes, preservatives or estrogen
* Gynaecologist and scientifically tested
* pH balanced
* Easy-to-use flip-top cap

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